Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer Home Improvement Projects

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What are your plans for the summer? For many homeowners, they’re looking forward to a vacation: a trip to the beach or camping in the mountains. Many others, however, are planning on taking advantage of the warmer weather to complete long-awaited home improvement projects. In this article, we’ll review the hottest remodeling and cleaning projects of the summer, and how you can get started in your home.

Kitchen remodel

If you’re interested in adding long-lasting value to your home, a kitchen remodel is a great way to do so. A mid-range kitchen remodel has a high return-on-investment (on average, 80.5%) and will make your home much more attractive to prospective buyers. Plus, a remodeled kitchen is a space you and your family get to enjoy in the interim. A renovated kitchen serves many different purposes.

To start planning a kitchen remodel, get in touch with a local remodeling contractor. You’ll want to work with them to plan out your next steps and make key decisions about your kitchen, including the general style direction, your choices in countertops and cabinets, and if any layout changes are in play. An experienced kitchen remodeler should be able to not only provide you with individualized advice, tailored to your space, but should also be able to show you examples of prior kitchen remodels they have completed.

By starting your kitchen remodel this summer, you’ll have a newly renovated space ready to go for autumn and the holidays ahead.

Make your home more efficient

By now, you’ve probably received your first summer utility bill. Ouch. As the weather outside heats up, your cooling costs start to rise. For many homeowners, summer cooling costs are one of their largest monthly expenses. If you’re looking for a great place to start making improvements to your home, energy-efficiency upgrades just make sense: they are relatively inexpensive and can help cut down on your year-round cooling and heating expenses.

Start in the attic. Many homes have insufficient attic insulation, which allows heat transfer through the roof of the home. Talk to a local contractor about adding more insulation to this space so that your home can better retain cooled air. Next, turn your attention to your windows and doors. Just adding new caulking around window frames and weatherstripping around doors can make a huge difference, reducing drafts and cutting down on cooling and heating losses.

Finally, if you’re thinking about upgrading one or more appliances in your home as part of your kitchen remodel, be sure to choose those rated for maximum energy-efficiency. Those savings will really add up throughout the course of the years ahead.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned

In the average home, carpets can take a beating throughout the year. Pets and kids track in mud and dust. Spills result in stains and discoloration. Carpets can quickly go from feeling fresh underfoot to feeling grimy and disgusting. Summer is a great time to turn things around and schedule professional carpet cleaning. 

Start your search online. When you search “carpet cleaning in Scottsdale,” you’re likely going to get dozens of results. Don’t just take the lowest quoted price. Instead, be discerning: what kind of cleaning process do they use? Do they guarantee their results? Do they have past customers who are willing to testify on their behalf? By doing this preliminary research ahead of time, you’ll have a better chance of getting your carpets cleaned the right way.

Make the most of your summer

As we all know, summers can go by quickly. If you’re thinking about tackling a home project or two, there’s no time like the present to get started. We recommend you get in touch with a remodeling professional in your area who can help you transform your vision into a reality. Of course, it’s important not to work too hard: after all, summers aren’t just for remodeling and renovation. They’re a time to relax with your friends and family and enjoy the warm sunshine outside. 

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