Are Tenants Responsive For Painting Or Renovations In A Rental?

Are Tenants Responsive For Painting Or Renovations

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Rental Property Repairs

If you’ve ever been in a rental situation where, as a tenant, you have wondered if update, painting or renovation this article is for you. 

Based on the state you are in, there are unique responsibilities for landlords regarding painting, renovations, and updates, where the landlord will pay for any reasonable repairs that are caused by fair wear and tear. You can chat with a local painter if you need to check on the condition of the paint and to get an idea of whether it is wear and tear or damage is caused by malicious treatment.

If, as a tenant, you damage the property and it is considered beyond reasonable “wear and tears,” this is considered something that the tenant would need to cover as it is considered malicious and the tenant’s concern. 

Reasonable wear and tear 

There are plenty of trains of thought on what is ‘reasonable’ and what should be the tenants or the owner’s responsibility, but as a guide, treasonable wear and tear are generally considered to be “Fair wear and tear is the deterioration that occurs over time to the property”.

As a guide, you can expect faded curtains, furniture indents on carpets, worn kitchen bench, loose hinges, worn paint on a light switch, faded paint, scuffed wooden floors, and similar to be considered wear and tear by government authorities. 

Whether a tenant is moving out at the end of a tenancy or there needs to be basic maintenance and repairs including painting carried out to the property, the property and its condition will be accessed by the agent/owner and the tenant and the individual responsible for any repairs will be advised.

Condition reports 

Condition reports will clearly state the condition of the property upon entry and are essential for both the tenant and the landlord for this purpose. Damage such as torn fixtures including blinds or curtains, drain damage and any burn marks to carpets, broken glass or damage to painted walls caused by Blu Tack or tape is considered the responsibility of the tenants. 

A good rule of thumb is to consider what is fair based on the time the tenant has been in the property as well, if they have been long term tenants and a paint refresh is around the corner, it would be fair to say that some peeling paint and some chips is fair wear and tear. 

Summing up

If the tenant has been not taking care of the property and the damage to the paint is due to other reasons that are considered not fair wear and tear, the tenant may need to contribute some of their bond towards a paint project. 

Always ensure you use professional and licensed painters for your rental property projects, to ensure you are using quality paints that will stand the test of time. As a tenant or owner of a rental property, if you are not 100% sure what your rights are when it comes to who is responsible for the wear and tear of your property.

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