The Ultimate Guide to Packing Your Home After a Sale

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There are many things to do and consider when selling your home in San Pedro. From staging and crafting a compelling listing to interacting with potential buyers and dealing with paperwork, these tasks will keep you busy and occupied. But once it’s all done, it’s time for another big change – moving to your new home. The secret to a successful relocation is effectively packing your home after the sale.

Properly packing your belongings will ensure they arrive safely and sound at their new destination. The right materials and techniques guarantee you avoid damaging or losing some items. So, here’s our guide to packing your home to help you move to your new home easily and confidently!

Create a Packing Plan

The first thing to do is to create a detailed packing plan with a comprehensive to-do list and timelines. That is important because coordinating your home’s sale and relocation can be tricky. However, a good plan helps you not forget anything and complicate the process at the last minute. It also gives you enough time to complete all the tasks.

Of course, many things are happening simultaneously, and delays are possible due to unpredictable reasons. So, although a comprehensive plan is a good idea, try to make it flexible and be ready to make changes and adjustments. Keep an open mind and update your plan when needed.

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Sort Through Your Belongings

Even when you know you don’t have to move out before closing the sale, it’s always a good idea to start packing your home well before that time. And an excellent way to begin is by decluttering your home.

Create three categories for your belongings – keep, donate, and throw away. Everything you cherish or use regularly goes in the keep pile. On the other hand, everything that is broken or damaged goes in the throw-away pile. The donation pile should contain all the items in good condition, but you don’t need or like anymore.

This approach has several benefits. For instance, you’ll have less to pack and be able to do so more quickly and efficiently. In addition, as you’re moving fewer items, the relocation will be more affordable. Also, unpacking and settling into your new home will be much easier and stress-free. And lastly, decluttering before the move helps you have a fresh start in your new home, surrounded by items you want, need, and love.

Get the Right Packing Supplies

Once you know what to take to your new home, it’s time to get all the necessary supplies. See how many items you have and buy enough of everything. It’s not a bad idea to buy more, just in case. The last thing you want is to run to the store at the last minute to get that one extra box you need. Also, buy quality packing materials to ensure your belongings are well-protected.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • strong, sturdy boxes in different sizes
  • tape (lots of it)
  • bubble wrap, packing paper, and peanuts to protect fragile and sensitive items
  • Ziploc bags
  • blankets
  • labels, and pens.

Hire Professionals

If packing your home after the sale sounds overwhelming, another solution exists. Hiring reliable local movers can save you a lot of time and stress. Not only will they ensure your belongings come safely and sound to your new home, but they will also pack everything, leaving you free to deal with other important matters.

So, for example, if you’re moving from one part of Los Angeles to another, the best thing would be to look for packing services in Los Angeles. That way, you will gain precious time and peace of mind. Plus, expert movers have all the professional equipment and packing supplies, not to mention experience in packing different types of items.

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Packing Your Home After a Sale: Room-by-Room Packing Method

On the other hand, if you’re still determined to tackle this task yourself, the room-by-room method can be the best way to do so. Start with the rooms you rarely use, such as guest rooms, attic, garage, etc. Next, pack everything non-essential in the living room and bedrooms. That way, you’ll still have everything you need available while minimizing the number of things to pack later.

As your real estate agent closes the sale and the moving day approaches, it’s time to pack the rest. Start with the kitchen, as it is often the most challenging room. Pack everything except the food and the minimum cooking utensils you’ll use before the moving day. Lastly, pack the essentials from the bathrooms and bedrooms, and you’re ready for the move!

Pack Every Item Properly

Of course, it’s important to pack every item with care. That will guarantee every item is well-protected and prevent them from coming loose in the truck and getting damaged.

Disassemble the furniture, and if possible, remove the hardware. Keep all hardware pieces in Ziploc bags and protect furniture with blankets or covers.

As for clothes and bedding, use vacuum-sealed bags if you can. That would save a lot of space. But if you have some delicate pieces, consider wardrobe boxes that keep your clothes on hangers and prevent creasing.

For electronics, use the original packaging when possible. If you no longer have it, a box well-padded with anti-static bubble wrap is an excellent choice. Remove all the cables and similar items and keep them separately in a sealed bag.

All fragile and delicate or valuable items require special care. Use bubble wrap, packing paper, and peanuts generously to leave no extra room in a box.

In the end, label every box as you put all the items into boxes. You can simply write what room each box goes into and make an inventory for every room. In addition, if a box contains fragile items, write fragile on the top and the sides of the box to ensure it’s handled with care during transport.

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Your Smooth Move Starts With Smart Packing

As you may see, packing your home after a sale doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you plan everything well, you will make the process efficient, organized, and stress-free. So, follow our guide and make relocating to your new home smooth and simple!

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